Rosebery's wellbeing and support for students incorporates a whole school approach to student wellbeing. The team at Rosebery consists of the following:

Aboriginal and Islander Education Worker (A.I.E.W.) - Darren Harris

Our AIEW is a supportive and respectful approach for Indigenous students regarding attendance, behavioural management, Abstudy enquiries, mental health support and an effective referral provider for out of school services. Our AIEW is a great support person for any parent enquiries, the implementation and coordination of indigenous workshops, programs/activities, training and events such as RMS NAIDOC Day, Cultural awareness training and RMS Indigenous Advisory Committee which parents are more than welcome to be part of to help improve communication with educational outcomes and positive learning environments. Our AIEW is also a local indigenous member of the Palmerston community and is persistent to help improve academic achievements for our young generations by breaking down barriers and developing strong minded relationships with students.

School Counsellor - Vicky Ciccaroni
The role of the School counsellor is to improve, maintain and promote emotional, social, physical, and mental wellbeing and support whole school approaches that encourage and enhance lifelong learning.
Students at Rosebery Middle School are able to access individual counselling support without specific parental or guardian consent and it is a confidential and voluntary service. Confidential student information may only be shared without client consent where necessary to fulfil legal requirements or to protect the student; other individuals or public is at risk to their safety. Students may access the school counselling service voluntarily or may be referred by a staff member or a parent/ guardian. The support can be through individual counselling and support, small groups or whole school approaches

Health Promoting School Nurse - Narelle Craufurd
Health Promoting School Nurses (HPSN) are employed by the Department of Health. We are a group of nurses placed within the urban government schools of the Northern Territory who have adopted the Health Promoting Schools philosophy.
The role of School Nurses is to support the Health Promoting Schools philosophy which aims to provide a healthy setting for living, learning and working within the school community. The emphasis being on health promotion and prevention strategies projects and programs to encourage healthy choices of our young people for a healthier future community.

School-Based Constable – Erin Paterson
The School-Based Constable is a member of the school community and is employed to improve or consolidate perceptions and attitudes to law and order issues and the police generally.

 Defence Transition Mentor Sue Gluyas

The role of the Defence Transition mentor is to enable support for students and families to become integrated members of the school community. This includes assisting students in the transition of postings, family separation, problems with friends, student interests, social activities and communicating with DCO and other services on matters outside the school environment.

Home Liaison Officer - Sheryle Heavey
The role of the Home Liaison Officer is to follow up students who have unexplained and continuing absences and to assist and provide support to students and families who are experiencing difficulties with their child/s education. If you wish to discuss any issues please Sheryle through the front office. Don’t forget if your child is away from school, please make sure you contact the school.

Every Child, Every Day - improving student enrolment, attendance and participation is everybody’s responsibility and everyone’s business.