Rosebery Middle School

Student Representatives for 2016

The 2016 Rosebery Middle School Student Representative Council has members from all three year levels as well as from groups within RMS such as Pathways, Clontarf and the Palmerston Girl’s Academies. Membership of the SRC is open to all students at any stage through the year and no elections are held. About 20 members will be attending a leadership conference in March.

The SRC meets on Tuesdays at recess in the library. Standard meeting procedures are practiced with members taking turns to Chair each meeting and to take minutes.

The SRC has a number of roles in RMS, including meeting and escorting visitors to assemblies, scripting and running assemblies, assisting with events such as the Athletics Carnival, and looking for ways to maintain a positive school experience for all students.

This year the SRC co-ordinator Ms B will be joined by Ms Sally Cotton who will co-ordinate SRC members in the ‘Student Voice’ on the School Council, and take on some fundraising roles.

The SRC is committed, on behalf of RMS, to supporting a sponsor child in Swaziland through World Vision. Rosebery Middle School students have been supporting Siphelele Mabuza and her community since 2012 when she was four years old.

Some highlights of SRC activities over the last few years include:

  • A Halloween disco…
  • Which paid for a solid trolley to transport the recess Eurotrike activity equipment
  • Participation in the two supermarkets’ campaigns which brought resources to RMS
  • Various fundraisers such as themed dress days and ‘Guess the Number of Jelly Beans in the jar’
  • Administering the House Captain elections with booths and voting slips
  • Working with the ‘Life Be In It’ team running activities for the National Youth Week Expo
  • A Haunted House
  • Sausage sizzles
  • Refundable containers collected for house points scheme.


SRC Representatives as at 12 February, 2016
Year 7
Bryden Adamos 7F
Tahlena Holland 7D
Paige Horrigan 7F
Angelo Karavitis-Wimbus 7F
Owen Montgomery 7F
Kaylee O'Connell 7F
Makayla Richards 7E
Rhiannon Smart 7F
Year 8    
Curtis Ellem 8D
Ella Guymer 8G
Joshua Halverson 8D
Daniel Roberts 8D
Nate Rowe 8B
Jayden Vick 8G/PW
Year 9    
Riley Bishop 9F
Rachel Campbell 9A P/W
Leah Dudley 9A
Heidi Hansch 9F
Chardelle Javier 9E
Sarah Lemon 9F
Josie McGuinness 9C
Kimberlee Schaefe 9C
Jemimah Vincent PW