The ruMAD ‘in-school model’ is a 12 - 14 week student-action and teacher professional development program in which groups of up to 30 students explore and enact the concept of ‘making a difference’.

Through a series of facilitated workshops, in-class activities and student-initiated action, participants identify and research an area of concern in the local or global community, then plan and deliver an interest-based project to ‘make a difference’.

Key Outcomes

  • To provide young people with opportunities for engaging, independent, student-centred learning
  • To motivate and empower young people to be active contributors to their community
  • To extend learning beyond the classroom
  • To provide professional development for teachers in how to deliver a student-action-project learning model
  • To encourage students to reflect upon their learning and celebrate their achievements

Where this program fits in schools

The ruMAD in-school model is designed to operate within:

Humanities, VCAL, English, Middle-Years programs, Student Representative Councils, Transition into Year 7 Programs and Upper Primary School Integrated Learning Units.

RMS Year 7 classes participated in the program in 2011.

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