Palmerston Girls Academy


The Girls Academy is an initiative of Role Models and Leaders Australia, we are a non-for-profit charitable organisation which develops and empowers Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls through leadership, mentoring, sport and extra-curricular programs.

The Girls Academy program works within the school system to drive community-led solution aimed at reducing the barriers that prevent Indigenous girls from completing their education and reaching their full potential.


Girls Academy Program Objectives

RMLA Academy girls have the potential to be powerful catalysts for change in their communities. The Girls Academy equips them with the tools required to achieve their goas and become aware of their full potential.

Program Activities are designed with emphasis on the ‘Big 4’ objectives to:

  1. Increase school attendance
  2. Advance academic and personal achievement
  3. Improve year 12 graduation rate, and
  4. Facilitate post-school transition planning


Rewards for engagement, participation and achievement

We reward engagement, participation and achievement at school for our members that maintain a minimum of 85% school attendance and have displayed a high standard of behaviour with trips and exposure to new challenges, such as sporting programs, coaching accreditation, community engagement programs/days, reward days and camps.

We take enrolments throughout the year and welcome any girl that wants to seize the opportunity to be a part of such a fantastic program. Our doors are always open in M10, so drop in and say hello to our lovely development officers Jessie, Savannah and Jasmine anytime.

“Increasing the education outcomes achieved by young women from Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander background is particularly important to not only them, but their families and communities, as women are often instrumental in bringing about social change in disadvantaged communities”

                                                                                                                                                -World Health Organisation