Curriculum at Rosebery Middle School

The philosophy which underpins Rosebery Middle School is simple, challenging and a process of continuous improvement.

In a nutshell we …

Focus on learning – Do it Collaboratively – Achieve specific results.

The school devotes the majority of its curriculum time to the following core subjects: Mathematics, English, Science and Studies of Society and Environment. Within these key learning areas classes operate at different levels according to student need and academic ability. Enriching the curriculum, the following specialist subjects are on offer: Drama, Food Technology, Dance, Japanese, Music, Physical Education & Health, Outdoor Education, Design Technology, Digital Technology, Robotics, Photography and Visual Arts. Large produce gardens have been installed near each learning neighbourhood for use by interested classes or teachers. A structured Wellbeing Course is the shared responsibility of all RMS teaching staff utilising the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens and following the school values.

In year 7 students are rotated through 2 specialist subjects per term, hence 8 per year, to get a taster of each area. Students are given the opportunity to select two specialist subject per semester in years 8 and 9.

Curriculum and ICT

ICT enabled and enriched curriculum is a ‘signature’ of Rosebery Middle School. A significant investment has been made to provide a range of tools to support 21st Century teaching and learning.

 Australian Curriculum

Rosebery Middle School has invested time and effort into ensuring our 2012 curriculum and programs reflect Australian Curriculum content and outcomes. RMS has been fully implementing the Mathematics and English curricula since the beginning of 2012. Semester One 2012, student achievement was reported against the Northern Territory Curriculum Framework outcomes in all learning areas, whilst in Semester 2, 2012 students will be reported against achievement standards. We will be implementing science and history in 2013.

A major focus within our Curriculum is differentiating the curriculum. As such we are developing programs designed specifically around the identified needs of students. Such as:

Rosebery Kites – we have established classes to extend students in the areas of mathematics and literacy in 2012 and hope to extend this to other areas such as the visual and performing arts in 2013.

ESL – we have 2 groups of students attending English as a second language classes

Transition Class – we have created classes for transitioning students into Rosebery Middle School

Pathways – we have extensive pathways programs that cater for students with special needs, both individually and within mainstream programs.

Also in 2012, we have introduced VET in schools for year 9 students and hope to continue to develop this into our curriculum in the coming years.

Literacy and Numeracy

Literacy and Numeracy is core business for all schools. Research indicates that the range in student achievement widens in the middle years and progress for some students slows significantly (Carney et al 1998). In response to need, RMS has implemented QuickSmart Literacy and Numeracy programs for identified students primarily in Year 7. We have commenced whole school Professional Development of staff in First Steps Number and Tactical Teaching - Reading in 2012, as intervention programs for adolescent students need to be connected to mainstream classrooms – it is everyone’s business. For further information see Prioritising Literacy and Numeracy in the Middle Years on the RMS portal.

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