Rosebery Middle School commenced operations with approximately 513 students in Year 7 and Year 8. Over the course of 2011 this enrolment grew to over 525 students – all who can claim to be one of the Foundation Students of RMS. With our expansion to include a Year 9 cohort in 2012, Rosebery Middle School now has a total enrolment of 745 students.

Rosebery Middle School currently has 10 mainstream Year 7 classes, 12 mainstream Year 8 classes and 10 mainstream Year 9 classes, all enjoying the innovative Learning Hubs and Neighbourhoods.

In addition we have established our Pathways Unit which includes the Autism Spectrum Disorder Unit and alternate pathways for students requiring additional support to access the curriculum due to intellectual or emotional needs.

RMS has also established Back on Track model with a Boys’ and a Girls’ class to cater for the needs of a group of our Year 9 students, utilising a modified curriculum, lower student-teacher ratios and a team of highly skilled and dedicated teachers. Outcomes to date have shown an improvement in attendance, behaviour and active participation in their learning journeys.

Approximately 29% of RMS students identify as being of Indigenous and/or Torres Strait islander heritage. We are proud to have developed a School-Community Partnership Agreement with our Indigenous families during 2012 and celebrate the rich contribution they bring to our school community. Our pilot Itchy Feet Academic Club is already strengthening student outcomes and connections with our families.

A further 15% of RMS students have a parent/carer serving in one of the Australian Defence Forces. The range of experiences and knowledge these students and families bring to RMS is valued and welcomed.

Over 2011-2012 RMS has identified a growing number of students attending our school who speak English as a Second Language. In response, programs are being developed and qualified ESL teachers sought to continue to support our students and their families so they can truly contribute to our school culture.

RMS believes that our strength lies in our diversity – we are a true reflection of the rich multicultural tapestry that is the NT and we acknowledge and celebrate who we are and who our students will become.