Rosebery Middle School, the first purpose built middle school in the Northern Territory, opened its doors for the first time in January 2011 with a capacity for 850 middle years students. Our School commenced operations with a cohort of 515 students in Year 7 and 8 growing to an enrolment of 745 with the inclusion of Year 9 in 2012.

Rosebery Middle School is located in the suburb of Rosebery within the city of Palmerston. The school is located in an important place for our community. It has been a special place for travellers and explorers in the Northern Territory’s foundation days. It has been a crucial location for our defence forces in times of war and is the gateway to several airstrips of major significance in the outcome of World War II. It is also an important place in the Indigenous and natural histories of our land. Mitchell Creek runs across the back of our schools and connects Palmerston to the ocean through the Elizabeth River. Our address at the corner of Forrest Parade and Belyuen Road is named after Crab Billy Belyuen, a senior Aboriginal elder of the Larrakia people. His name means “Sacred Water Hole”.

Contemporary Indigenous people of the Northern Territory believe in the notion of freshwater and saltwater coming together for improved communication and fellowship with non-Indigenous Australians. Where saltwater and freshwater meet the result is a unique and thriving ecosystem where new ways of living together emerge. The concept can be further enhanced to consider the meeting of land and water – where Indigenous knowledge is represented by “knowledge from land” and Western knowledge by “knowledge from water”. Rosebery Schools know we are unique and value the culture, background and knowledge that all of our families contribute.

The Rosebery Middle School teaching team has been drawn from across the NT and Australia to ensure we have an experienced and skilled team working with RMS students from the very beginning. It has been an exciting and powerful opportunity to invite transfers and to select teachers who match the RMS philosophy and areas of curriculum need.

The Rosebery Middle School logo shows Mitchell Creek, which runs along the back of Palmerston from Farrar past the Rosebery school site. It connects Palmerston to the ocean through the Elizabeth River. The RMS logo shows our connection to the world beyond our stretch of the creek through Information Communication Technologies, projects connecting classroom to community and world-wide relevant curriculum studies.

Our logo shows that Rosebery Middle School is embracing the natural environment that surrounds the school and will be working to reduce our environmental footprint. The creek and the soaring kite also represent our students’ successes and learning journeys- creeks get wider/bigger at the mouth symbolising the journey of a student’s knowledge expanding and becoming more worldly. Finally the scene demonstrates middle school students working towards/preparing for their future and continuing to succeed in senior college. Quite a metaphor....

Rosebery Middle School is co-located with Rosebery Primary School and shares facilities and a common philosophy of being for and with our community. Rosebery schools are strong in their vision for a learning community that provides multiple opportunities to shine and succeed.